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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hotsprings- Arkansas

We have arrived Hotsprings-Arkansas, we have decided to stay 2 nights as its a nice place.
We were all up drinking until late last night, except for the rest of the park. I thought we might have made some friends by now on our trip but people just seem to only want to say hi! and theyre all in bed by 9pm. God!! didnt anyone ever tell Americans that we start to "live" at 9pm.

People only seem to want to talk whilst theyre at hotels having a drink and then they cant get enough of our accents. =(
We are having a good time anyway, today we are having a tour of the town (Hotsprings)
Not as humid here as it was in Nashville and Memphis.
Got to go Nicole is chopping at the bit for a change =)

Friday, June 18, 2010

HI Everyone,
It's Friday over in Nashville. One more night then we continue our travels through the USA.
The boys will be back after lunch from Erie after checking out Locomotives for Rio Tinto.
Nicole has just arose out of bed, its Midday, the usual prodedure. =)
Cheer's, Kerry xoxo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi! Everyone,

Sorry, We havent been on for a few days =) But we have been very busy as you can well imagine. After we picked the RV up we stayed 2 nights in New Jersey to stock up on supplies and also so that the boys could get used to everything on the vehicle.

After an hour driving it was really hard apparently!! "The Rolling Turd" as she has been christened is very heavy on the front end. The boys are taking turns but after Nashville i think the change over will be shorter. =)

We then went to West Virginia for 2 nights, we stayed right beside a lake called Lake Klaponka and yes it actually had fish in it. After that we headed upto the mountains for a night that was great, Nicole "really" wanted to see a bear but all she seen was Fireflies & Squirrels.

Then we came to Nashville!!!!.............

Well the Country Music Festival was great! albiet very hot & humid. We have seen alot of sights and i am sure there are more to come.

The boys left today to go to Erie until Friday for work =) apparently to look at a Locomotive workshop. I am sure they will taste the beers that are around there as they have been doing here in Nashville. I drove two hungover boys to the airport in a left hand drive Dodge through quite a few and long freeways. I made it home safe to a sleeping Nicole who was too hungover to even get up =) She arose around 12.30pm and we went shopping at Brentwood wow! over 160 shops. Pretty! good for me as i have been getting by today on 4 hours sleep. I was the responsible one last night as i knew i had to take the boys to the airport.

Will try to upload some pictures in the next few days, i am trying to get an appointment at a tattoo shop so who knows =0

LOVE Kerry xoxo

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Start - by Nic

Well New York - what can i say - busy place the biggest place with so many people and the driving - OMG talk about mayhem - people cutting accross people - pedestrians walking in front of vehicles - crosswalks !! What crosswalks! Didn't see to many crazy looking people though! The bars are just what i thought they would be - just like the movies! The restaurants are average, with most of the food we have eaten thus far being quiet 'bland' in flavor. Haven't tried a hotdog on the street yet - i am still yet to experience this. Shaun & Wayne have visited Hooters and were very disappointed - they thought they would see boobs and bums galore - they discovered a very tame family restaurant instead :) - we have found most people in the service industry to be rather arogant - and good service with a smile was really rare.

We did visit Madam Tussads Wax museum - wow that was great - if anyone gets the chance you must visit this display - we will post photos later. We also visited the Empire State Building - that was just draw dropping...

We collected the RV yesterday and after a couple of delays and a change over in bus we finally got on the road - with Shaun the Driver & Wayne the navigator - who was the most nervous - well Wayne was! Talk about a fluster..... The GPS Karen wouldnt work - in comes the iphone YAY for that - we are now sitting in Pine Cone RV resort in Forthold - New Jersey, just had our first cooked breakfast in the RV - very nice! And are planning our next stop and shopping trip to stock up....

Where to next????????????