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America 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Start - by Nic

Well New York - what can i say - busy place the biggest place with so many people and the driving - OMG talk about mayhem - people cutting accross people - pedestrians walking in front of vehicles - crosswalks !! What crosswalks! Didn't see to many crazy looking people though! The bars are just what i thought they would be - just like the movies! The restaurants are average, with most of the food we have eaten thus far being quiet 'bland' in flavor. Haven't tried a hotdog on the street yet - i am still yet to experience this. Shaun & Wayne have visited Hooters and were very disappointed - they thought they would see boobs and bums galore - they discovered a very tame family restaurant instead :) - we have found most people in the service industry to be rather arogant - and good service with a smile was really rare.

We did visit Madam Tussads Wax museum - wow that was great - if anyone gets the chance you must visit this display - we will post photos later. We also visited the Empire State Building - that was just draw dropping...

We collected the RV yesterday and after a couple of delays and a change over in bus we finally got on the road - with Shaun the Driver & Wayne the navigator - who was the most nervous - well Wayne was! Talk about a fluster..... The GPS Karen wouldnt work - in comes the iphone YAY for that - we are now sitting in Pine Cone RV resort in Forthold - New Jersey, just had our first cooked breakfast in the RV - very nice! And are planning our next stop and shopping trip to stock up....

Where to next????????????

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