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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hotsprings- Arkansas

We have arrived Hotsprings-Arkansas, we have decided to stay 2 nights as its a nice place.
We were all up drinking until late last night, except for the rest of the park. I thought we might have made some friends by now on our trip but people just seem to only want to say hi! and theyre all in bed by 9pm. God!! didnt anyone ever tell Americans that we start to "live" at 9pm.

People only seem to want to talk whilst theyre at hotels having a drink and then they cant get enough of our accents. =(
We are having a good time anyway, today we are having a tour of the town (Hotsprings)
Not as humid here as it was in Nashville and Memphis.
Got to go Nicole is chopping at the bit for a change =)

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